Forest Activities

FERBASA’s activities are guided by the concept of sustainability, where the socio-economic progress occurs in harmony with nature and the human beings. To this end, the Company has integrated several units of renewable eucalyptus forests, which is the source of raw material for the bio-reducer production used by the Company as a reducer in the ferroalloys production.

At the forest units, the Company’s concern goes beyond the registered legal area of the reserves, given that the law has established a minimum of 20%, while FERBASA maintains more than 45% of the area protected.

Our plantations are located in Mata de São João, Entre Rios, Araçás, Cardeal da Silva, Esplanada, Conde, Alagoinhas, Maracás, Planaltino and Aramari,

  • PRODUCTION – Production of 12,000 tons of coal / month;
  • TOTAL AREA of 64,000 ha, distributed among nine municipalities in Bahia;
  • PLANTED AREA of 25,000 ha and an additional four areas available for planting, divided into six management and products units (UMPs);
  • LEGAL RESERVE of 19,000 ha, equivalent to approximately 30% of the total area;
  • RATE OF PRODUCTION, average of 280m³/ ha for 7-year cycle.

The use of the soil for eucalyptus production strictly respects all the federal, state and municipal legal requirements. The technical requirements for the selection of the planting areas, corresponds to average effective usage rate of 45% of the total FERBASA properties, the rest, is for the native forests, preserved in their original condition – riparian forests, forests in rugged terrain, areas undergoing natural regeneration and dense forests – all with the primary function of serving as a home to wildlife and preserving water sources and springs – small streams and lakes – as well as infrastructure in terms of buildings, highways, and internal and external access paths for the circulation of people and vehicles and for fire prevention.