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Company Profile

Founded on Feb 23, 1961 by The engineer José Corgosinho de Carvalho Filho, FERBASA began its operations in Campo Formoso, state of Bahia, as a mining company with the purpose of producing ferrochrome. Being the current leader in its sector, FERBASA is among the 500 largest companies in Brazil and the 10 largest in Bahia, with annual revenue of more than U$500 million.

Renowned for its high-quality products and many social initiatives, the Company is the largest producer of ferroalloys in Brazil and the sole integrated ferrochrome producer in the Americas, and its operations include mining, reforestation and metallurgy.

With the vertical integration of its operations, Ferbasa holds mining rights over nearly 95% of Brazil’s chromite—a raw material for the production of ferrochrome— reserves, which associated with a sustainable production of vegetable charcoal and a metallurgical plant with 14 reduction furnaces allow the Company to produce top-quality chromium and silicon alloys, continuously striving for efficiency in its processes and maximum quality in everything it does.

The Company’s purpose is to manufacture and sell several types of ferroalloys, all of them with their specific characteristics and business sectors, namely:

High-Carbon Ferrochrome (HC FeCr) – This product is an alloy of iron, chrome, silicon and other elements. As an alloy, high-carbon ferrochrome, or charge chrome, is used in the production of stainless steel and special alloys. Its main characteristic is carbon content of more than 4%. Its main uses are in the production of corrosion-resistant steel, steel with high electrical resistivity, high-alloy steel (car industry) and especially in the production of stainless steel.

Low-Carbon Ferrochrome (LC FeCr) – This product is an alloy of iron, chrome, silicon and carbon (maximum content of 0.15%). It is used in steel production to correct chrome content without causing undesirable variations in carbon content. Like HC FeCr, it is used to produce stainless and special steels, with a wide range of applications in the consumer goods industries.

Ferrochrome Silicon (FeSiCr) – This product is an alloy of iron, chrome, silicon and other elements. It is the main raw material in the production of low-carbon ferrochrome.

Ferrosilicon 75% (FeSi 75%) – FeSi 75% is produced from high-purity quartz, vegetable charcoal, iron ore, mill scale and scrap. FeSi 75% Standard is used as a deoxidizing agent and as an alloy element in steel production and as a graphitizing agent in the casting industry. High-purity FeSi 75% is used in the manufacture of oriented grain and non-oriented grain silicon steels.