FERBASA has, in Forest and Metallurgy, an Environmental, Health and Safety Management Integrated System certified by ABS Quality Evaluations, which follows OHSAS 18,001 and ISO 14,001 standards. The certifications reflect our dedication to continuous improvement, in addition to compliance with current legislation. Undoubtedly, these achievements infer gains in strengthening the safety culture and the consequent reduction in accidents, as well as proof of FERBASA’s commitment to protecting its employees and the environment.

These certifications, combined with the ISO 9001 Quality Seal earned in 1995, are evidence of the sustainable practices the Company has implemented for more than two decades.

Regarding the Mining segment, it has been preparing for certifications under the OHSAS 18,001 and ISO 14,001 standards, which should take place by the end of 2018, following the trend of the Company’s other areas.