Our Commitment

FERBASA is mindful of global problems afflicting the environment and, in accordance with environmental legislation, operates with environmental permits and has its environmental management of forest areas and metallurgy certified by ISO 14001.
It is worth noting that current investments not only benefit environmental control equipment/systems but also include environmental education as a base. The management of natural resources and the preservation of protected natural reserve forests (well above the minimum required by law), such as the Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) - with 614, 89 hectares is maintained. The process of creating other reserves is in progress with the official agencies.

Within our environmental management practices, we would like to emphasize:

  • Management of environmental permits issued for industrial and forestry activities;
  • Certified management of activities, processes and equipment for forestry and metallurgy, within the ISO 14001 environmental guidelines and OHSAS 18001 health and safety guidelines. In the mining area, the implementation of these guidelines is underway.
  • Maintaining an Area Cleanup and Organization Program (PLOA) with internal audits in order to maintain the company’s activities with attractive aesthetics, comfort and good health levels for people, and that would reflect on the environment.
  • Preparation of projects and assembly of equipment and environmental control systems, using the best available technologies;
  • Control of specific and fugitive emissions of metallurgy, through implementation and operation of equipment, such as bag filters, dust suppressants and cyclones.
  • Bio-reducer production technology deployment with equipment (ovens) and more efficient operating processes, minimizing environmental impacts;
  • Segregation, storage, processing and commercialization of industrial waste to help minimize the exploitation of natural resources in the production chain of other industries.
  • Management of sanitary and industrial wastewater, with control equipment and process of legislated parameters, as well as the reuse of water in some processes.
  • Various solid waste management practices through the SWMP - Solid Waste Management Plan - with a priority focus on reduction, reuse or recycling;
  • Management of the Environmental Education Project actions, along with environmental education multipliers, focusing on raising awareness of employee and of the surrounding community of the Company‘s activities;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of PRAD‘s - Recovery Plan of Degraded Areas in Farms - using best practices;
  • Storage of plant soil from areas utilized for mining work, which will be used for the future recovery of degraded areas.
  • Appropriate disposal of mining and processing plant waste, including the use of this material to fill in holes resulting from mining activities, preventing the degradation of new areas;
  • Adequacy of environmental health and safety for administrative and support of forest farms facilities, prioritizing comfort for employees. The treatment of drinking water, segregation of waste selective collection and the construction of comfortable toilets, from which wastewater is treated, are highlights.