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Companhia de Ferro Ligas da Bahia - FERBASA
290 Ewerton Visco St., Ed. Boulevard Side Empresarial
Caminho das Árvores, 25º floor - ZIP CODE 41820-022
Salvador - Bahia - Brazil

Marcio Lopes Fernandes de Barros
Legal and Compliance and Investor Relations Director

Carlos Henrique Temporal
Investor Relations Manager

Phone: +55 (71) 3404-3065 | +55 (71) 3404-3023 | +55 (71) 3404-3066

Any questions not related to analysts and investors will not be answered and should be sent to or access the institutional channel by clicking here.

The service to FERBASA‘s shareholders is provided at any branch of Banco BRADESCO, which will also be available to shareholders to clarify their doubts through the phone number (11) 3684-4522, fax number (11) 3684-4556, the website or in the e-mail: